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Welding Current Meter Lightweight Compact

Outline: Model SP-3288 is handy type welding meter of secondary current and welding time for all kinds of resistance welding. Sensor is MEKANO
patented toroidal coil for precise current detection. Measured data is digitally indicated in the RMS effective value calculated at each half cycle or Peak value of welding current is displayed together with welding time and conduction angle. In case of capacitor discharge type welder, it measures and displays peak value of current and time(mSec) to peak current or time(mSec) to the end of current application.



1.  More compact lighter body and touch key is improved for easier operation.
2.  Measured data of maximum 100counts are stocked in built-in memory. Wide range for measurement (Current: Max. 99.9kA, Time: Max. 999.5CY 2000ms)
3.  The unit displays measured data; "Count No.", "Current (kA)", "Welding time (cycle / ms)" and "Conduction angle".
4.  Additional new functions support measurement of designated time scope for any current type and designated pulse number for multi-pulse current application.




Welding Meter USB Access Lighweight, Compact

Outline: Model SP-3510 is welding currently/volt meter for all kinds of resistance welding, such as Single phase AC, Inverter, Condenser type etc. Current detection is supported by high performance toroidal coil made by Spotron. The unit has 4 patterns of display for measurement [Standaral (per weld)] [Divisional (per cycle)] [Wave form] [Graph Data] depending on the purpose. Measured value (Current/Voltage/Weld time) is displayed on touch panel LCD and it is possible to save measured data into SD Card, External start signal can be used for the measurement to be linked with timer. 



1.  Displaying Current/Voltage/Weld time/Wave form on LCD (3.5 Inch, 240x320 dots)
2. Easy operation and setting by Touch Panel.
3. Saving measured data output by USB Connector is possible.
4. Covering weld time max. 3 minutes for the continuous seam weld.
5. Wider current range 1.00kA - 4.99kA comsist of 3 ranges (High/Middle/Low)


Secondary Cable Checker (MicroOhm Meter)

Outline: The model measures on increase in DC resistance due to deterioration of the secondary cables or kickles cable and also detects on abnormality in the secondary circuit caused by insufficient bolting or oxidizing of the contact surface.
1. Emplyed 4-terminal system to neglect resistance between terminal and work piece.
2.  Can measure low resistance in accurate by adoption of such circuit as precision constant-current, microvoltage amplifying and common voltage eliminating.
3. Easy to read even in dark place by adoption of digital LED display.
4. Data memory function capable of storing 10 kinds of upper limit resistance value.
5. The criterion for judging a Yes or No can be monitored at the time of measurement.
6. An pen probe with automatic start for ready measurement on the site.
7. A compact and lightweight convernient to use at any places.


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