MS TRADING Pursult Exellence Since 1991 - ABOUT US - M.S. Trading Eu Hua Guang Jear Sung Co., Ltd.

346 On-nuch Road
Prawet Bangkok 10250 Thailand

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ABOUT US - M.S. Trading Eu Hua Guang Jear Sung Co., Ltd.

Found on 1989, since then we have been a leading-edge trader and manufacturer of state-of-the-art products
related mainly in resistance welding industry to meet customer needs.

  • Kickless cables, aka, Low reactance cables
  • Secondary cables
  • Water-cooled and air-cooled cables
  • Flexible shunts
  • Resistance welding electrodes and accessories
  • Resistance welding guns
  • Resistance welding machines and systems
  • Resistance welding quality monitoring and checking equipment
  • Wide varieties of custom engineered resistance welding products 

We have been serving automotive industry, computer assembly industry, steel furniture industry, electrical appliance industry and high-tech industry for over two successful decade. We utilize our innovations and expertise to bring our customers products performing quality driven. Our products are tough, dependable and efficient of their cost.
"Our target is to be the best one-stop service point to support all needs and requirements from our customers."